Omg okay so my aunt works for warner bros and they have these private concert things for the staff and guests and this was the last one of the summer and they had Gerard Way and The Hormones performing and my aunt managed to get me in and set me up to meet Gerard!! His manager didn’t want him to be overwhelmed by fans so they said no meet and greet but my aunt personally asked Gerard “hey I have a 14 year old fan who wants to know if she can meet you is that ok?” And he said “wow yeah of course bring her over here!” And I was one of like five people to meet him and he signed my comic book and assured me that he did write Mina and not Nina because the m got kinda messed up but he was so cool and he took pictures with me but they were so bad I probably won’t post them but omg he was so nice I can’t even!! And my aunt had a bunch of free CDs to give me including May Death Never Stop You and I got posters and my mom saw Ray and decided to forget to tell me but it’s okay imma cry. The performance was so good and it was their first time playing together on stage and they played I think all of or most of their new album and it was so goooood. Plus I got free tacos. Best day ever.

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9 pictures of Mikey Ways hands for gerardwayisagirl

9 pictures of Mikey Ways hands for gerardwayisagirl

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